About this Program:

Esposure’s 6-week Business Plan Competition is a project–oriented program that provides opportunities to educate, engage, empower, and entertain. Students participate in projects throughout the esports course. The program is geared to aspiring esports pros or students who are interested in digital careers. Participants will collaborate in a team to complete assignments and projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Decision Making
  • Performance Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Career Exploration
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership Skills
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Esports Gameplay

Program Benefits:

  • Exposure to Industry Leaders and Live Feedback
  • Networking and Opportunity to Make Connections
  • Teamwork & Collaboration With Like-Minded Individuals
  • Learn how to Prepare and Compete
  • Create a Portfolio and Start the Pathway to Pro

What to Expect:

Group Deliverables:

  • A business plan / documents of incorporation for an organization.
  • A plan of action / proposal for an esports event.
  • A website for the organization and tournament.
  • Social media profiles (LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter).
  • A YouTube channel.

Individual Deliverables:

  • Reflections on the experience.
  • Personal reflections on individual growth.

Project Deployment:

  • Esports spatial design.
  • Video game tournament
Groups of 10 or more
Flexible schedule
Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid
6-week Program

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