Ēsposure provides cutting edge production and entertainment services delivered in our state-of-the art, broadcast-ready studios.

Our Expertise

We are thought leaders, strategists, experienced designers, creative thinkers, and production experts in the gaming industry which is projected to grow to $300 billion by 2023.

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Live Production

Our experts provide audio visual effects for live events with top-notch equipment and quality service that you can count on. We produce a dynamic, brand-focused event with immersive lighting and sound designs that allows you to host your dream event
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Virtual Production

Our experts can pre-program a best-in-class virtual event including broadcasting, studio staging, webcasting, live streaming, video recording, and video editing. Your remote event will be sure to deliver an impactful experience to your audience, just like a live event!
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Content Creation

From video media production to live content, our expert creative team will craft your event’s content for an effective and memorable experience. You can have confidence that we will deliver a high quality, award-winning content for use in your brand activations around the globe.
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Esports Consultancy

Our esports industry experts will work with your endemic or non-endemic brand to design the perfect installation to meet your brand’s requirements. Our content creation expertise, digital experience and in-depth esports knowledge allows us to architect and deliver the perfect physical representation of your brand.
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Talent Management

Our access to talent is unparalleled in the esports industry. We manage a wide variety of shout-casters, hosts, personalities and influencers within the gaming and sports community, across various genres.
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Training Camps

Our state-of-the art, broadcast ready arena is perfect for your esports team training needs. Let our experts create a training camp experience that includes the full audio and video effects of a professional competition.

Our Programs

Pathway to Pro

Ēsposure Learning and Ē-Studios combine efforts to help guide your way to a professional gaming career. Whether your goal is to become a competitive gamer, a pro-level shout-caster or a industry-leading content creater - FOLLOW OUR PROVEN PATHWAY TO PRO!

OUR Programs
Your Pathway to Pro



Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) and STEM Certified curriculum will guide your way to a new and exciting esports career.


Esports jobs are in high demand and your Esposure learning credentials can help you land an internship with an endemic or non-endemic brand sponsor or academic partner.

Job Placement

Esposure has a network of companies looking to secure highly qualified professionals and talented gamers that have immersive esports ecosystem experience.



Esposure’s growth league (G-League) is responsible for preparing players, coaches, talent managers, and support professionals for the various professional gaming leagues. We utilize our extensive ecosystem to serve as a feeder to help highlight player/staff talent and support skills growth required to join a professional esports team.

Our valuable partners