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Ēsposure™ uses Education to Entertain within our proprietary E2E ecosystem. Our framework of experiential learning principles cover: Technology, Management, Marketing, Production, and Competition. Your journey to an inclusive esports experience begins here.


Ēsposure™ Learning Management System (LMS) is based on our experiential learning principles that cover: Technology, Management, Marketing, Production, and Competition. These principles are the foundation of learning esports, branding yourself, meeting your peers and collaborating with the esports community.


Ēsposure™ recognizes that the esports industry revolves around all forms of entertainment: video games, streaming, broadcast, tournaments and leagues. Our Pathway To Pro framework is designed to guide you to a desirable career in the esports industry.


Ēsposure™ supports the concept of community contributed content and encourages the spirit of collaboration on our E-Collab platform. Our technology based solution allows you to mind-share, post your projects and freelance your esports services.

Ēsposure is a global esports technology company with an Education to Entertainment ecosystem “E2E'' focused on developing the next generation of esports professionals and competitive gamers. Our cutting-edge ecosystem was designed by gamers and created for the esports community to educate, entertain and collaborate.

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See what they are saying

Raymond S.

“When I walked in it seemed like a good environment. Everyone had the same mentality towards gaming. How the rooms were set up, you could tell everyone here cared about gaming. There was just an energy in the room.“

Dearious W.

“I would recommend the esports masterclass to other students, It was a very insightful experience and I think other students would like it.”

Tashinee H.

What did you not know about esports that you learned while taking the class?

“I didn’t know there was that much to it. I thought it was just video games. I didn’t know about the audio, production, or costs, especially lawyers. This has been a very great opportunity for me to actually learn about esports and the business too.”

Tiniya S.

What made you want to do the internship ?

“It’s something that I want to do! Like video and photo editing.”

Emmanuel E.

“I would give the curriculum a 10 because it teaches you everything you need to know if you want to do something in this industry”

Mr. Richardson

"I personally thought it was a really good event. I was pretty excited about all that was going on. The most exciting part of the whole trip for me was, not just the fact that they were learning, but when I was teaching my class in the classroom, everything that I was trying to structure to show my students, they were actually doing in real life action at the facility."

Patrick Klein, Chief Strategy Officer @ eFuse

“Working with the team at Esposure has been such an incredible experience. Danny’s leadership and vision to impact a community has become a reality. It’s always about the people and that’s exactly what makes Esposure different."

Brett Marks

“Esposure is a great partner to work with. Danny and his team always produces high quality content that leaves our team extremely happy.”

Caprice Hawkins, Director of Recruitment @bbbsgreaterdal

"Esposure’s support of Big Brothers Big Sisters is incredible! Partnering with us to help advance the social capital, emotional wellbeing and educational success of our youth falls in line with the mission of Esposure. The team has been nothing but supportive and professional..."

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