Esposure presents: E2E LIVE w/ Sean Do on Aspiring Videographers & Content Creators

EP. 12 of my #E2E LIVE Podcast Sean is a very accomplished videographer in the #esports industry. He currently works for the very prestigious organization Complexity Gaming, where he helped work on their award-nominated CS:GO documentary—“Through the Smoke” The art of videography and editing is super critical component of esports and its culture. Content is ultimately created and published using these skills and it is a heavily sought talent. Videography helps tell the incredible stories of gamers and organizations as we all continue to blaze the trail that is esports. Our videographers here at Esposure create such unique and high-quality content…they tell our story! I am so excited to talk with Sean and here about his numerous projects as well as his advice for those aspiring to learn videography and editing content.

Posting on Dec 30, 2020 12:00