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Esposure E2E Esports Immersion Program

The E2E Esports Immersion Program is a 4-week Program where students will immerse themselves into the world of esports, with an accelerated curriculum comprised of instructional videos, assignments, collaborative activities, and experiential learning. Students will build an esports brand, develop a content strategy and simulate running an esports organization in tandem with a live esports league.

Join esports professionals and industry experts each month for an explosive educational and entertaining experience. Build and manage your very own esports organization and earn your esports STEM Certificate to start your pathway to pro.

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August 2021
Program Dates: 8/2-8/27
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Who is this program for?

This program is for youth ages 13 and older who have a passion for gaming or are aspiring esports professionals looking to find their place in the esports industry. All skill levels welcome.

Youth will engage in STEM-based esports activities to build critical thinking skills, problem solving and, of course, lots of esports fun! The curriculum is designed by gamers and experts in the industry and developed for gamers. Over 4 weeks, the program will introduce the business of esports and competitive gaming while connecting education to the entertaining worlds of esports.

What’s included in the curriculum?

Using multidisciplinary and experiential learning approaches, the curriculum is delivered through dynamic content designed to educate, entertain, engage and empower..

5 Core Areas Covered:


Overview of the business side of an esports organization with the use of the latest trends and technologies.


Focuses on the skills necessary to strengthen the fan relationship through the promotion of products and services.


Covers the use of emerging technological advancements and principles to deliver a superior experience to fans and players.


Focuses on the skills necessary to strengthen the fan relationship through the promotion of products and services.


In tandem with the education track, students will operate and run a simulation of an esports organization, alongside a live 5-day esports league. They will build an esports organization brand, showcasing players and creating content to promote the brand.


Explore careers in esports and simulate building an esports organization across various roles in tandem with a live professional esports league.








Take a journey through the 5 core areas of esports, including an introduction to the esports ecosystem and careers in Management, Marketing, Production, Technology, and Competition.


Explore the world of esports through a simulated experience by building your very own fantasy esports organization, showcasing players and creating content to promote your brand.


Start tracking your team, analyzing your players and building the ultimate fantasy esports organization alongside a real-time 5-day NBA 2K League.


Recap your course and league experience through big moment highlights, group discussions and a final project presentation to wrap up your 4-weeks.

What’s included in the E2E Esports Immersion Program Program?

  • Four (4) weeks of esports curriculum with instructional videos, assignments, collaborative activities and esports entertainment.
  • A 12-month subscription to our 360-degree esports ecosystem, including our Learning Management System (LMS), over 100 videos from industry experts, esports market insights and access to the E-Collab and E-Compete platforms ($240 value).
  • Esports gameplay opportunities with the Esposure community.
  • Tools & resources to build an esports portfolio
  • Simulation of building an esports organization with a live professional esports league
  • Esports STEM certificate upon completion of the program.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Gain access to unprecedented insight from top experts in the esports industry.
  • Discover the foundational principles of the business and the competition of esports.
  • Learn to use creativity as a business tool and gain the confidence to communicate.
  • Develop a 360 degree mindset that helps them find their role in the complex esports industry
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